February 10, 2021

Contact: Kaylee Carnahan

Bi-Partisan Scholarship Tax Credit Legislation Filed in the Kentucky House and Senate
Proposal gains popularity with multiple co-sponsors

(Frankfort) State Representative Tommy Thompson recently filed legislation in the Kentucky House of Representatives that will create a scholarship tax credit program for the state of Kentucky. The bill filing comes following the Senate Education Committee hearing of Senate Bill 44, a similar piece of legislation filed by Senator Ralph Alvarado.

The bill, HB 336, provides education options for Kentucky students by creating a nonrefundable tax credit for donations that are made to scholarship granting organizations or a fund to improve public schools. The legislation has gained support from members of the House and Senate from both political parties. Co-sponsors of House Bill 336 currently include: Rep. Tommy Thompson (D- 14), Rep. Dennis Keene (D-67), and Rep. Sal Santoro (R-60). Co-sponsors of Senate Bill 44 currently include: Sen. Ralph Alvarado (R-28), Sen. John Schickel (R-11), and Sen. Max Wise (R-16).

“Kentuckians owe it to the next generations to find solutions that improve education for everyone, no matter their socio-economic status,” said Rep. Tommy Thompson. “I look forward to working with my General Assembly colleagues on both sides of the aisle to discuss and pass this bi-partisan idea that is already enacted and working in some form in 16 other states.”

Education proponents across the state have long advocated for the Scholarship Tax Credit Program called for in the House and Senate bills as a bipartisan measure that supports all education options for Kentucky’s students. Yesterday during the annual “Catholics at the Capitol,” this legislation was on the list of priorities as Catholics from across the state met with their legislators.

In the recent Senate Education Committee hearing of SB44, Heather Huddleston, Executive Director of School Choice Scholarships said, "Scholarships directly benefit children from low-income families who would not otherwise be able to attend the school of their choice. More donations to organizations like School Choice Scholarships would enable us to help the thousands of students who apply for scholarships every year, and ensure every student in Kentucky is set up for success."

EdChoice Kentucky, a coalition of educators, business leaders and citizens who want more choices for Kentucky students, applaud the co-sponsors for leading on this issue and the Senate Education Committee for the bill discussion. “It is time that this common-sense, bi-partisan scholarship tax credit legislation is passed,” said Gary Houchens, an EdChoice Kentucky member from Bowling Green. “Improving our education system, public and nonpublic, should be a priority for all Kentuckians.”

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