EdChoice Kentucky Defends School Choice Law in Supreme Court Amicus Brief

June 15, 2022

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 15, 2022) – EdChoice Kentucky submitted an amicus brief with attorneys from Notre Dame Law School’s Religious Liberty Initiative before the Kentucky Supreme Court today urging the justices to uphold the constitutionality of the Education Opportunity Account Act (EOA Act) and allow the program to begin helping Kentucky students succeed without further delay. 

“Educational choice is long overdue in Kentucky,” said EdChoice Kentucky President Andrew Vandiver. “More than 30 states have school choice programs that are proven and popular in helping students move to the head of the class. We are confident the Supreme Court will vindicate Kentucky’s educational choice law—just like courts have done around the country—and empower parents with the resources and flexibility to design the right learning environment for their kids. 

“Non-public schools provide millions in financial aid to students, but a significant amount of need remains. In too many instances, families must forgo the chance to attend a non-public school that would best serve their child’s needs. These unmet needs are exactly what the EOA Act aims to fulfill.

“We proudly stand with Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the Institute for Justice as they continue to defend this educational choice program in court. Most of all, we are grateful to parents Akia McNeary and Nancy Deaton who are standing up for their families and students across Kentucky.”  

Read EdChoice Kentucky’s full amicus brief here

Parents interested in learning more about the EOA Act and if they’re eligible to receive assistance for their children’s education can sign up at EducateKY.com.