EdChoice Kentucky Statement on Franklin Circuit Court Ruling

October 8, 2021

Frankfort, KY (October 8, 2021)-- Andrew Vandiver, president of EdChoice Kentucky, issued the following statement regarding the Franklin Circuit Court’s ruling against educational choice:

“Educational choice has transformed the lives of young people in communities around America. Kentucky students deserve those same opportunities to build a learning environment as unique as they are.

 “That’s why EdChoice Kentucky and all of the families we represent are disappointed the Franklin Circuit Court broke with judges across the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court, and blocked Kentucky’s expansive educational choice program. Stakeholders and legislators invested considerable time and effort to design a workable program that will help Kentucky parents access the right education for their children. Today’s ruling represents an unnecessary delay with the potential to leave Kentucky’s students in classrooms that just don’t work for them. This is not the end.

“EdChoice Kentucky and our partners will keep fighting to give Kentucky parents the resources they need to move their students to head of the class. We remain confident the Education Opportunity Accounts Act will be upheld on appeal and our next generation will get the financial support necessary to reach for their full potential.”