Legislation to Expand Kentucky’s School Choice Program Filed for 2022 Session

January 13, 2022

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 13, 2022) – EdChoice Kentucky President Andrew Vandiver joined legislators, parents and advocates today at the state capitol to announce the filing of legislation from Senator Ralph Alvarado and Representative Josh Calloway to expand Kentucky’s life-changing school choice initiatives. This legislation will empower parents across Kentucky to design the right education for their child.  

The new bills focus on four key reforms to grow school choice in Kentucky. They expand access to non-public school tuition assistance to students in every county, increase income eligibility levels, create a provision for automatically increasing the cap for donations and make technical changes to the law that take into account the burdensome delays caused by an anti-school choice lawsuit. 

“Last year we saw a groundswell of support to pass EOAs in Kentucky,” said Senator Ralph Alvarado. “Now, instead of helping students in only the most populous counties, we can give families in every county the opportunity to seek the education that best fits their needs.” 

Kentucky State Representative Josh Calloway noted that this legislation will finally give families in every ZIP code complete access to one of the most expansive educational choice programs in the country. “This legislation is about the future of our state,” said Rep. Calloway. “This legislation does not just make a statement, it changes the trajectory of a child’s life.”

According to a poll released by EdChoice Kentucky last November, 71% of Kentucky voters support expanding the Commonwealth’s Education Opportunity Account Act so families in all 120 counties can access scholarships to cover non-public school tuition.

The fight for school choice in Kentucky will continue until every family has the options they need, said EdChoice Kentucky President Andrew Vandiver. “We know that the fight to empower parents Is far from over. We believe that every student should get in the classroom that works best for them.” 

Representing the countless Kentucky families who are eager to take advantage of expanded educational opportunities was parent advocate Desirae Caudill. “Today, my family is currently not eligible for this program. Expanding this legislation means that my kids can continue pursuing an education that grows their love of learning. For the families that can not afford choices, all we are asking for is a little help. I am so grateful our legislators in Frankfort understand that importance.” 

More information about the new bills can be found here.