November 16, 2018


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Polling Shows a Scholarship Tax Credit Program is Supported by Two-Thirds of Kentucky Voters

Program supported by majority regardless of political party affiliation and demographics

(Frankfort)- EdChoice Kentucky announced today the findings of their 2018 Educational Choice poll. The bipartisan coalition partnered with McLaughlin & Associates on the poll that found a majority, 62 percent, of Kentucky voters, support Scholarship Tax Credits.

The polling found that more than 70 percent of voters believe Kentucky’s education system needs significant changes, with 65 percent of voters in support of bringing educational choice programs to Kentucky.  In addition, data shows that Scholarship Tax Credits, a form of education choice under consideration in Kentucky, are supported by 62 percent of voters and are favorable across diverse political, regional, and demographic groups.  Specifically, registered Independents (69% support), Democrats (56% support), and Republicans (67% support) all favor the initiative. The rural urban divide that is often seen in issues and candidates does not exist on this issue. The polling also found that a majority of self-identified public school teacher households support the initiative.

“Kentucky voters have reinforced our message: Scholarship Tax Credits make sense for Kentucky,” said EdChoice KY President Charles Leis. “The program will directly benefit Kentucky families who are looking for education opportunity for their children, and it does it in a way that doesn’t take away from public school funding. We exist to put students first, and Scholarship Tax Credits are a win-win for students attending public and non-public schools.”

Currently in Kentucky, wealthy families can choose the best school for their children, but too many low- and middle-income families lack the resources for the same opportunity. EdChoice KY believes the best way to level the playing field for all students is to establish a privately-funded Scholarship Tax Credit program. Under this program, individuals and businesses donate funds to scholarship granting organizations (SGOs) in their community and receive a non-refundable tax-credit in return. SGOs then award needs-based scholarships to families to access the school they feel is best suitable for their children.

“Giving students the opportunity to go to a school that best fits their needs is a no-brainer, and I’m glad to see that Kentucky voters agree,” said Bam Carney, House Education Committeee Chairman and previous sponsor of  Scholarship Tax Credit legislation. “This isn’t a political issue, it’s an issue of what is best for Kentucky students. I’m looking forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle in support of this issue!”

To see full poll results, please click here.

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