October 7, 2016

Scholarship Tax Credit programs increase needs-based assistance so that more children have access to an education at a non-public school.  The goal is to ensure that children are in the classroom that works best for them.  For some children the best classroom is in their assigned public school.   Others may need to explore non-public school options.  EdChoice Kentucky wants Kentucky families to have the best opportunities.

What Advocates Should and Should Not Do

Do: Talk about why having additional options would benefit your family.   Children are unique and need access to the classroom that works best for them.

Do: Share your support for scholarship tax credits on social media and with community groups, churches, and schools.

Do: Talk about the positive role that a religious education can play in a child’s life.

Do: Share stories about individuals who having the opportunity to be in the classroom that best fits their needs has made all the difference.

Don’t: Speak negatively about public schools or public school teachers.  Our goal is to ensure that families have access to more options, and in many instances the public school will be the best option for them.

Don’t: Talk about the issue in a way that excludes people of different backgrounds. Creating more educational options will benefit all Kentucky families.

Positive Examples My son struggled academically in his assigned public school.  Through great financial sacrifice, I was able to send him to a local non-public school which is a better fit for his unique academic needs.  A Scholarship Tax Credit program would help to ease the financial strain placed on my family and allow my son to continue to thrive at the school that works best for him.” “I am a single mother making minimum wage.  I want the very best for my children.  Wealthy families have an abundance of options when it comes to educating their children.  My children deserve the same opportunities to succeed.”

Key Words to Use
Non-public school
Education Equality
Individualized Education