Kentucky’s new Education Opportunity Account program (made law in March 2021) is going to help thousands of Kentucky students, and we are excited to see the difference it will make.

There’s a lot of work being done to make this program available to Kentucky families just like your own. We are currently remodeling our website to best serve you as the program develops, and will be posting more information on eligibility, applications, and more as soon as possible.

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Education Opportunity Accounts: FAQs

In 2021, the Kentucky General Assembly passed Education Opportunity Accounts (EOAs). Soon, Kentucky parents and caregivers will be able to apply to Account Granting Organizations (AGOs) for financial support so that students can access a different classroom or additional support. The program is currently in the process of going live and we are excited to hear how many Kentuckians are eager to utilize it! Sign up for our Parent Informational Newsletter, “Kentucky Families for School Choice,” (below) to be alerted when you can apply for EOA funds.

Please visit to learn more about other potential education options!

EOA funds are distributed through a needs-based system. The less money a family makes, the more aid they will be eligible to receive.

The below chart shows the maximum household income levels for EOA eligibility based on the most recent federal guidelines (maximum income continues to increase with family size):

Income Threshold Chart

Maximum household income levels are based on the federal reduced lunch guidelines.

Families will be able to apply for EOA funds through Account Granting Organizations—many of which are currently under development. Please sign up for our parent email list below to receive alerts on when these programs are up and running.

Depending on the individual Account Granting Organization’s mission, many educational services are covered by Kentucky’s new EOA legislation. 

These include:

  • Tuition to attend out-of-district pre-K – 12 public schools across the state
  • Tuition to attend nonpublic PK-12 schools in Warren, Daviess, Jefferson, Fayette, Hardin, Boone, Campbell or Kenton Counties
  • Tuition/fees for online learning programs
  • Tutoring services
  • Public school individual classes/extracurricular activities
  • Textbooks, curriculum, other instructional materials
  • Computer hardware/additional tech devices
  • Educational software and applications
  • School uniforms
  • Fees for nationally standardized assessments, advanced placement examinations, college exams, preparatory courses for exams
  • Tuition/fees for summer education program/after-school education programs
  • Tuition/fees/materials/examination fees at career/technical schools
  • Educational services and therapies, including occupational, behavioral, physical speech-language, and audiology therapies provided by a licensed professional
  • Tuition/fees for dual credit college courses
  • Fees for transportation for student to travel to and from an education service

According to current legislation, only students living in the above-named counties may apply for EOA tuition assistance for nonpublic schools.  Families can, however, apply to use the funding for other types of services listed above.

We will continue to advocate for future legislation to include complete educational freedom for all Kentucky students but until then, Kentucky’s EOA program as it stands is the second-most expansive savings account program in the nation and offers a multitude of options for families across the state (See Question 4 for more)

Kentucky’s EOA program and AGOs are currently under development. Sign up below for our Parent Informational Newsletter to be alerted when you can apply for EOA funds!

Once approved by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a complete listing of approved AGOs will be on a website.  We will share that list through our parent email list.

Kentucky Families for School Choice

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