Putting students first in 
every education decision.

EdChoice Kentucky is a coalition focused on informing the Commonwealth about educational choice programs.

Our first priority is the student. Educational Choice will create more opportunity for ALL Kentucky students.

Group 6 Impact

EdChoice KY is empowering families with more choices in education.

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Support educational choice? Join EdChoice KY and tell your story about why choice in education matters.

Group 4 Mission

Informing the Commonwealth about the benefits of educational choice.

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An A+ Choice for Kentucky Students & Families

EdChoice Kentucky is fighting for one important goal; helping Kentucky students! The same education doesn't work for every child - learning styles and abilities are as unique as each child.

Kentucky students deserve a choice in their education. Educational Choice is a common-sense solution:

  1. Access for every student to an education that best meets their unique needs

  2. Resources to lighten the financial burden of choice on working Kentucky families

  3. Flexibility for families to choose the best-individualized education services to match their needs

  4. Develop an education workforce that helps Kentucky businesses succeed and compete

A win-win for students, communities, and Kentucky!

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"Will It Work?"

  • More than 30 states already have educational choice programs with overwhelmingly positive results.
  • 14 studies found that students performed better across the board when choice programs were an option.
  • 25 studies found that choice programs are often followed by public school improvements.

"Is There Support"

Recent polling shows that both urban and rural Kentuckians overwhelmingly support educational choice options.

2018 poll
2019 poll
2020 poll

Past polls show that Kentucky voters, no matter their party affiliation or geographic location, support educational choice.